WiPay WooCommerce Credit Card Plugin

Credit Card Acceptance Guide (Jamaica)

This page outlines how to integrate WiPay’s WooCommerce Plugin into your WordPress website using a plugin from the WordPress Store so customers can pay via Credit Card and you can have the money deposited to your bank account.

Please note, the plugin is dependent on your website having WooCommerce installed and configured on your WordPress-based website.


Features of Plugin
Steps to Follow

Sign Up

Select the Business account to have access to our integration settings.


When in your main dashboard, select the profile button on the top right side of the navigation bar and select Profile. This would take you to the page in the screen shot above. Select Bank and full out the information for your local currency (JMD).

We wire transfer within 3 days to the following banks:

  • The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited
  • Citibank, N.A.
  • First Global Bank Limited
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank (Jamaica) Limited
  • JMMB Bank (Jamaica) Limited (formerly JMMB Merchant Bank Limited)
  • JN Bank Limited (formerly Jamaica National Building Society)
  • National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited
  • Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited

To get the API / Merchant Key, proceed to the section that says Developer in the top right side dropdown button. This would take you to a page where you would need to full out your website domain and your API key would be generated. 

The merchant key will be used to verify each transaction. Every transaction produces a unique hash. The developer should verify this hash using their merchant key.

Click the link below to download the WiPay WooCommerce Plugin

NB: Pay attention to where the file is saved after downloads

Once downloaded, you can install it to your WordPress site as follows.


Install and configure the WooCommerce Plugin from the WordPress Store then setup the WiPay Plugin using the following parameters below.

  • Enable Plugin Check box
    Allows you have this payment option show up on checkout or not
  • Sandbox Mode
    Allows for thorough testing of the plugin
    NB: Must use the provided sandbox credentials for testing.
  • Platform
    You must choose the platform of your WiPay Account.
  • Currency
    Your currency will be set to the default currency of your store.
  • Advance Security
    Highly recommended especially if you have large transaction amounts or large transaction volumes.
    NB: This is only enabled for LIVE environment and will not work in SandBox mode.
  • Autocomplete
    Upon successful payment, the transaction status will change from Pending to Complete if enabled, otherwise, the transaction status will be Processing.
  • Fee Structure
    Allows you to decide who pays the WiPay Transaction fees.
  • Fee Structure Display
    Allows you to display the fees at checkout
  • Image Size
    Allows you to choose the size of the logos 
  • Enable Logging
    Transactional data is logged for tracability in case there's a need for developer intervention.

Please Note where to obtain the required fields in the table below.

WiPay Developer ID This is your WiPay Account Number
API Key This is found in your Profile- Developer section

The Result:

The Checkout Page

After the setup is done, then the checkout page would include the WiPay Payment option. Please note that the option for using WiPay is now made available in your checkout page. 

The Payment Process

Customers are redirected to a secure hosted checkout page where they would enter their Credit Card information. Once the payment process is complete. The user is redirected back to your shop with a success or failed transaction result. An email is sent to you and the customer stating the transaction details and the reason for success or fail. 



Note that all reporting in the WiPay Dashboard is disabled for Sandbox Processing.   

Test (sandbox) Cards for Hosted Page
Card Type Card Pan Number  Expiry Date CVV Number


4147 4630 1111 0125



MasterCard 5239 2907 0000 0069 12/24 979

4147 4630 1111 0125

12/18 123
Test (sandbox) 3DS Password
3DS Password Secret!33