WiPay, the PayPal of the Caribbean, to Conduct a Tokenized IPO in 2020

January 16, 2020
WiPay, the PayPal of the Caribbean, to Conduct a Tokenized IPO in 2020
Key Takeaways
  • Digital assets are coming to the regulated stock exchange in 2020, with the Caribbean’s WiPay digital payments platform the latest to announce plans to conduct a Tokenized IPO
  • Using the Blockstation platform, WiPay will be publicly traded as a digital asset on the junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange

As reported in the Jamaica Gleaner, WiPay Jamaica, a technology solutions company that simplifies e-commerce, will be going public with a Tokenized IPO on the junior market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange in Q1 2020 - using the Blockstation platform.

WiPay is at the forefront of digital e-commerce, allowing anyone connected to the Internet to move money quickly, safely and easily for both banked and unbanked users.

“WiPay was created in 2016 as a direct result of a persistent problem. The Caribbean faced challenges with digital payments and the lack of financial inclusion for the majority of persons. WiPay developed a uniquely inclusive platform that is secure, flexible and simple to use,” explained Aldwyn Wayne, founder and CEO of WiPay.

For WiPay, going public with a Tokenized IPO through Blockstation will result in lower cost, faster timelines and streamlined workflow at every stage when compared to a legacy IPO:

  1. Preparation
    1. Prospectus+ smart template helps create compliant disclosure documents quickly and easily
    2. Connect with investment brokers
    3. Centralized review and approval by stock exchange and regulators
  2. Issuance
    1. No risk of oversubscription
    2. Real-time reconciliation, settlement and reports
    3. Fully digital share distribution
  3. Lifecycle Management
    1. Real-time reports and cap table management
    2. Transparent shareholder votes
    3. Efficient dividend payments

Wayne made the announcement at the fourth annual Tech Beach Retreat, held recently in Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

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