WiPay Me Business

Generate a personalized payment link for your business and share with anyone who needs to send you a payment using a credit card or debit card. The money will be credited directly to your WiPay account.

WiPay Me Business

WiPay Me is a quick and easy way for anyone to send money directly to your WiPay account using your business's personalized payment link. Simply generat the payment link and share it with anyone who needs to send you money.

To access WiPay Me Business, long into your WiPay account and select WiPay Me Business. Your payment link will be there. Simply click to share the payment link with anyone and get paid via credit card or bank card. No website, no email, just your very own Business payment link.


The standard transaction fees for card payments apply* 

*3% +0.25 USD for credit card and debit card processing fees.